Past Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

July  1998          Introductions: Julie MehretuI
July 1996 Introductions: Shahzia Sikander
May  1994 Jonathon Borofsky: String of Consciousness
  1990s Gunther Forg
  1990s Sally Mann
September       1988 Joseph Bueys: Drawings and Sculpture (Felt Suit, 1970)
April 1986  Sam Gilliam: Paintings



Past Exhibitions


2023     Yuriko Yamaguchi: The Trees are Humming
May 2023 Ming Smith: Catching the Light
April 2023 Eduardo Portillo Dream Dust
March 2023 Mel Davis and Deborah Zlotski: Kith and Pine
January 2023 Miguel Angel Madrigal: With Two Tales
November 2022 REVELRY: Andrea Bianconi, Sara Bichao, Agnes Bourely, Mel Davis, Paul Fleming, Donald Lipski, Joe Mancuso, Anna Mavromatis, Abinadi Meza, Eduardo Portillo, and Deborah Zlotsky
October 2022 Preston Gaines: Archetypes of Nature
September 2022 Miguel Soler-Roig: Marfa Lights
July 2022 Andrea Bianconi: Journey of the Chair
May 2022 Ruth Shouval and Yizhak Elyashiv
April 2022 Danny Rolph: More Tomorrow than Today
February 2022 Andrea Bianconi: Idea Idea Idea
November 2021 Joe Mancuso: Get Back / A Retrospective
July 2021 Anna Mavromatis: Stay Still. Smile!
May 2021 Here We Go...: Brandon Araujo, Preston Douglas, Kate Mulholland, Tommy Taylor, Erika Whitney
February 2021 Nicole Awai: Sensation Code
September 2020 Eduardo Portillo: Flying Fast Forward
May 2020 Yizhak Elyashiv: Virtual Landscape
April 2020 Mel Davis: Hihihi You feel good
March 2020 Miguel Soler-Roig: Amesegenallo (Thanks)
February 2020 Agnes Bourely, Eduardo Portillo, and Danny Rolph: Prologue
January 2020 Jason Yates, Joe Fyfe, Lauren Luloff, and Jason Stopa: No Strings Attached
November 2019 Paul Fleming: Pathways
October 2019 small things, BIG IDEAS: Andrea Bianconi, Agnes Bourely, Sara Bichao, Mel Davis, Joe Davidson, Martin Durazo, Paul Fleming, Larassa Kabel, Kelly, Joe Mancuso, Judy Ledgerwood, Alexander Liberman, Donald Lipski, Gavin Perry, Eduardo Portillo, Neal Rock, Danny Rolph, Ruth Shouval, Troy Stanley, Jason Stopa, and Yuriko Yamaguchi
September 2019 Mie Olise Kjaergaard: Ambiguous Aggregations
June 2019 Andrea Bianconi: Prisoner of Love
May 2019 Summer Affairs: Nicole Awai, Nancy Friedeman-Sanchez, Christy Karll, Joe Mancuso, Katie Pell, Monique Rollins, Ruth Shouval, Leslie Wilkes
March 2019 Troy Stanley: Berm and Swale
February 2019 Agnes Bourely: The Restless Forgetfulness of What We Exile
January 2019 Danny Rolph: The Orchard
December 2018 Judy Ledgerwood: Power Pose
 November 2018 Gavin Perry: Jawbreaker
 October 2018 Joe Macuso: No Obvious as Songs and Paul Fleming: Carefully Wrapped
 September 2018 Andrea Bianconi: Breakthrough
 June 2018 Remix of Dreams: Agnes Bourely, Christy Karll, Donald Lipski, Heidi Kidon, Kim Piotrowski, Martin Durazo, Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez, and Troy Stanley
 May 2018 Yuriko Yamaguchi: Interconnected, No End, and Web
 February 2018 Justin Berry: Road Trips and Rebecca Gilbert: Last Year
 January 2018 Miguel Soler-Roig: Out of Silence
 December 2017 Anton Ginzburg: Construction Proxy
 October 2017 Nancy O'Connor: Out of the Darkness and Into the Marvelous
 September 2017 Andrea Bianconi: Drawing
 August 2017 Sangram Majumdar: Foreign and Domestic
 June 2017 Owen Drysdale and Rajab Ali Sayed: Swim
 April 2017 Donna Moylan: Deep Play
 March 2017 Mie Olise Kjaergaard: Through the Portal of the Pineapple
 February 2017 In the Mix: Andrea Bianconi, Owen Drysdale, Paul Fleming, Leigh Merrill, Gavin Perry, and Ruth Shouval
 January 2017 Sara Bichao: Costal
 November 2016 Martin Durazo: The Adventurers and Pahl Samson: And So it Begins with Me
 October 2016 All of the Above: Andrea Bianconi, Michael Chow, Christy Karll, Leigh Merrill, Nic Nicosia, Leslie Wilkes, and Yuriko Yamaguchi
 September 2016 Joe Mancuso: One Rainy Wish
 July 2016 Danny Rolph: Painted on the Sky
 May 2016 Owen Drysdale: Hot Summer Deadly Day
 April 2016 Gavin Perry: Toe to Toe
 March 2016 Yizhak Elyashiv and Ruth Shouval: Drift
 February 2016 Miguel Soler-Roig: The Ruin of Memory
 January 2016 Matthew Satz: Smoke, Tar, Feather and Andrea Bianconi: Fantastic Planet
 December 2015 Greg Fadell: Agalma
 October 2015 Judy Ledgerwod: Refrain
 September 2015 Paul Fleming: Marmalade Punch
 June 2015 Danald Lipski: Whiskey River
 May 2015 Mie Olise Kjaergaard: Allusions on Place
 March 2015 Martin Durazo: Axioms and Ecstasies
 February 2015 Sara Bichao: Adrift in Space, Melt in Place
 January 2015 Joe Davidson: White Dust
 November 2014 spotlight: Andrea Bianconi, Owen Drysdale, Judy Ledgerwood, Gavin Perry, Troy Stanley, and Rebecca Ward
 October 2014 Danny Rolph: Paradiso
 September 2014 Joe Mancuso: Because You're Mine
 July 2014 Martin Durazo and Owen Drysdale
 May 2014 Alongside: Ditte Ejlerskov, Robert Kelly, Mie Olise Kjaergaard, Matthew Satz, Paul Fleming, Joe Mancuso, Troy Stanley, Yizhak Elyashiv, and Ruth Shouval
 April 2014 Jay Shinn: Cathedrals in the Sky
 March 2014 Sueraya Shaheen: encounters
 February 2014 Andrea Bianconi: Tunnel City
 December 2013 Troy Stanley: concrete-spring
 October 2013 Rebecca Ward: shucked and silked
 September 2013 Gavin Perry: End of the Line
 July 2013 ArtHouston: Going My Way: Paul Fleming, Gavin Perry, Mie Olise Kjaergaard, Joe Mancuso, Danny Rolph, Michael Villarral, Jason Yates, Evan Rottet, and Julie Soefer
 May 2013 Judy Ledgerwood: Fields and Flowers
 April 2013 Paul Fleming: Shambhala
 March 2013 Andrea Bianconi: Love Story
 January 2013 Mie Olise Kjaergaard: Crystal Bites of Dust
 November 2012 Realms Uncharted: Paul Fleming, Robert Kelly, Jay Shinn, and Julie Soefer
 October 2012 Andrea Bianconi, Ruth Shouval, and Anthony Thompson Shumate
 September 2012 Danny Rolph: Duke of Burgundy
 July 2012 ArtHouston: Six Apart: Sara Bichao, Daniel McFarlane, Edward Schexnayder, Ruth Shouval, Troy Stanley, Jon Swindler
 May 2012 Jason Yates: All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
 March 2012 Joe Mancuso: Anodyne
 January 2012 Mile Marker: Barbara Davis Gallery Celebrates Three Decade of Contemporary Art
 December 2011 Daniel McFarlane: What I Saw
 October 2011 Andrea Bianconi: Trappole del Piensero
 September 2011 Mie Olise Kjaergaard, Donald Lipski, and Joe Davidson
 July 2011 Dream Skipper: Joe Davidson, Paul Fleming, Joe Mancuso, Daniel McFarlane, Mie Olise Kjaergaard, Danny Rolph, Anthony Thompson Schumate, Peter Wilson, and Jason Yates
 June 2011 Julie Soefer: out of range
 April 2011 Gavin Perry: Kingston
 March 2011 Todd Williamson and Joe Davidson
 January 2011 Plenitude


November 2010 Anthony Thompson Shumate: Cocky
October 2010 Danny Rolph: Multiverse
September     2010     Joe Mancuso: Trace
July 2010 Jay Shinn: Refuge
April 2010 Andrea Bianconi: A Charmed Life
February 2010  Mie Olise Kjaergaard: A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks - Departure
December 2009 Brian Wills: Sugarlounge
October 2009 Cluster
September 2009 Joe Mancuso: Lush Life and Paul Fleming: Sequences
May 2009 Anthony Thompson Shumate: Novus Ordo Seclorum
February 2009 Danny Rolph: Accelerator
November 2008 Andrea Bianconi: Mapping Maps
October 2008 Iconic Heroes
July 2008 ArtHouston: Mie Olise Kjaergaard: Penetrating Pores of Construction
May 2008 Paul Fleming: Dither Complex
January 2008 Imperative Design
November 2007 Annette Schroter: Heimat
October 2007 Gavin Perry: Obsidian
September 2007 Danny Rolph: Singularity
July 2007 Weihong, Huang Yan, and Li Wei
January 2007 Overdrive: Mel Bochner, Cecily Brown, Chuck Close, Carroll Dunham, Elizabeth Peyton, Kiki Smith, and Jessica Stockholder
November 2006 Leipzig: Peter Busch, Tobias Lehner, Ulf Puder, and Annette Schroter
April 2005 Potent Moments: Donald Baechler, Louside Bourgeois, Chuck Close, Ellsworth Kelly, Sean Scully, Richard Serra, Donald Sultan
Spring  2005

 Barbara moves the gallery to 4411 Montrose

Inaugural 4411 Montrose Exhibition: Paul Fleming, Emilio Perez, Robin Utterback

December 2003  Landing Off: Richmond Burton, Fernanda Brunet, Santiago Cucullu, Emilio Perez, Monique Prieto
July 2001 Art Basel Miami Beach
March 2001 Art Statements Show: Santiago Cucullu
     Introductions: Yehudit Sasportas and Gal Winstein
     Sally Mann, Vik Munix, Mary Alpern



July 1998 Introductions: Julie Mehretu
December 1997 Ed Moses: 10-year Overview
July 1996 Introductions: Shahzia Sikander
July 1995 Alejandro Diaz
June 1995

Barbara opens a sarellite space in downtown Houston at Pennzoil Place, 711 Louisiana

Bridges: 16 Exhibitions of Works and Images from Houston / Serajevo

Spring 1995 Dialogue on Abstraction: Walter Hopps, Edward Albee, Frances Colpitt, and Dick Wray
May 1994 Jonathon Borofsky: String of Consciousness
January 1993 Ed Moses: Paintings
January 1992 Joseph Havel: Sculptures
September     1991     Distribution: Random and Deliberate: Donald Lipski, Tony Cragg, Joe Mancuso, Maurizio Pellegrin, Allan McCollum, Gunther Forg
May 1991  Donald Lipski: Flag Works
December 1990  American Outsiders: Visionaries: Henry Ray "Magnificent Pretty Boy" Clark, Bill Traylor, Henry Darger
February 1990  Fotofest: Dennis Hopper: Works from the 60s
January 1990  Yves Klein, Man Ray, Joseph Havel, Joseph Beuys, Magdelena Jetelova, Not Vital, Frank Gehry


April 1989 MATERIAL + SPIRIT: Joseph Beuys, Jannis Kounellis, Jonathan Borofsky, Allan Mccollum, The Starn Twin, Gilbert and George, Michael Schulze, Rebecca Horn, Ken Luce, Andy Mann
February 1989 Donald Lipski: Sculpture Inside / Out
September     1988     Joseph Bueys: Drawings and Sculpture (Felt Suit, 1970)
March 1987 Peter Shire: Furniture as Art
April 1986  Sam Gilliam: Paintings
March 1986 Fotofest: Veruschka Von Lehndorff and Holger Trulzsch: Video and Photography
November 1985 Frederick J. Brown: Paintings


December     1981    


Gallery established